Wellnox Clinic

Wellnox Clinic Management System is an end-to-end software solution can help in improving the service quality of medical facilities or clinics. An excellent clinic management software plays an integral role in a clinic’s daily operations and is a must-have for doctors to provide high-quality treatment and care to their patients. Its unique user interface makes it stand out from most other products in this category. The software encourages higher consumer engagement and inclusion in the process. They have complete control over initiating and upscaling the modules. If you are looking for a robust Clinic Management solution, then you are in the right place!

Wellnox clinic management system Features

The software supports an appointment booking system which includes Registration, Emirates ID card integration and Token management.

Its distinct EMR facility makes it unique and caters to your patients' needs better.

Fully automated insurance management which is integrated with Electronic Post Office includes claim generation, claim submission, claim remittance, reports and so on.

Paper less communication workflow in lab makes it less time consuming and makes it patient and doctor friendly.

Our Employee management system is another key feature which incorporates doctor wise and department wise daily collection report,income summary ,visitors summary with many other features as well.

Wellnox is deployed on Private cloud to offer the best support.

We ensure that our solution comes with an in-built Inventory Management System with added stock control modules.

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